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Adolescent Mental Health Counseling

Adolescent Mental Health IOPAdolescence can be a challenging period in an individual’s life. Adolescents face numerous academic, social, and familial demands that can lead to overwhelming feelings difficulties achieving daily tasks or long-term goals. Adolescents and their families may need additional support in navigating the stress and transitions of adolescence.

Alternative Options Adolescent Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers individualized, comprehensive treatment in a safe, secure, and supportive environment. The adolescent program is designed to meet the specific and unique needs of adolescent clients and their families struggling with issues related to mental health. Alternative Options Adolescent Mental Health IOP treats the following adolescent mental health issues

In addition to these issues, Alternative Options addresses possible family conflict, academic stress, and interpersonal issues contributing to the adolescent’s mental health issues.

Alternative Options adolescent mental health IOP is led by a treatment team that consists of therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and registered dietitians. Each client is assigned a case manager who works collaboratively with the treatment team, the client, and their involved family members to develop an individualized treatment program. Family is an important agent of change in the adolescent’s environment, which is why family involvement is a crucial element in our adolescent mental health IOP. Family members are involved in multi-family groups, family therapy, family psychoeducation and parenting classes.

We offer a program of recovery that includes:

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