Teen Chemical Dependency Treatment

Adolescent Addiction Counseling

Chemical Dependency IOPAdolescents face significant social, family, and academic challenges that may cause them to turn to substances as way of coping and finding identity. Our Adolescent Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to meet the specific and unique needs of the adolescents and their families struggling with the destructive effects of alcohol or substance abuse issues.

Alternative Options assists adolescents and their families in achieving abstinence from drugs and alcohol and developing greater skills to manage stress more effectively. Our goal is to assist an adolescent in gaining a greater sense of identity and self-awareness free of drugs and alcohol. Adolescents enrolled in our programs often face serious academic and social consequences due to abuse of the following substances.

Adolescents enrolled in Alternative Options Chemical Dependency IOP are assigned a case manager that works collaboratively with the treatment team, the client, and their involved family members to develop the adolescent client’s individualized treatment plan. Adolescents are provided individual and group therapy along with psychiatry services, if needed.

Family involvement is a crucial component of adolescent treatment and recovery. Family members are involved in multi-family groups, family therapy, and educational programming regarding drug and/or alcohol abuse and its effects on the family.

Alternative Options case managers and treatment team members work closely with school systems, the criminal justice system, and other community based systems. Community panels are also brought in for supplementary education.
We offer a program of recovery that includes:

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