Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Outpatient Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis TreatmentDual diagnosis or Co-Occurring disorders occur when individuals with substance abuse issues struggle with mental health issues at the same time. Alternative Options Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides a safe environment to uncover issues that individuals use substances or process addictions to cope with. We can help you build greater awareness of mental health issues contributing to substance use along with effective coping skills to achieve sustained recovery.

There is a high prevalence rate of co-occurring substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders. Identifying underlying mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, when a client comes in for treatment of substance abuse is crucial in assisting our clients in achieving successful recovery. Research indicates that providing integrated services that address both chemical dependency and mental health issues improves the rate of recovery and overall quality of life.

Often individuals struggling with mental health issues turn to substances or addictive behaviors to numb or self-medicate. These same mental health issues can be contributing factors in relapse, as well. To ensure the highest potential for recovery our staff spends considerable time getting to know clients and identifying their needs. If a dual diagnosis is identified, a treatment plan is implemented that addresses both substance abuse and mental health issues. Each client is assigned a case manager who will assist in customizing a treatment program that incorporates individual therapy combined with groups specific for the clients identified diagnosis, whether it be mental health, chemical dependency, and/ or eating disorder related.

Alternative Options offers a multi-disciplinary treatment team approach, which allows us to treat the whole person with comprehensive treatment programs individualized to meet the needs of clients diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, physicians specializing in addiction, and registered dietitians.

Dual diagnosis treatment is available for adolescents, as well.

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