Mental Health Counseling

Intensive Outpatient Program

Mental Health IOPAlternative Options mental health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers individualized, comprehensive, intensive treatment in a safe and supportive environment. This program is designed for men and women struggling with issues related to persistent mental health disorders or overwhelming current life circumstances. Our staff is experienced and trained in treating the following mental health issues:

Alternative Options Mental Health IOP also offers a Trauma Track for adult females coping with the effects of trauma. This specialized includes individual therapy, a trauma focused group, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and trauma sensitive yoga.

In addition to treating common mental health disorders, Alternative Options’ Mental Health IOP assists clients in coping with and overcoming relationship problems, work and school stress, and family conflict.

Alternative Options Mental Health IOP is led by a treatment team that consists of therapists, certified counselors, and licensed psychiatrists. Our experienced multi-disciplinary treatment team collaborates with the client and their involved family members to develop an individualized treatment plan to address both current stressors and longstanding mental health related issues.

Alternative Options goal is for clients to empower themselves by identifying and focusing on their personal strengths, building greater self-awareness, and learning new life skills. Through our IOP treatment program, our clients learn to take responsibility for their personal wellness by obtaining new “tools” and coping skills that will assist in increasing their quality of life and help them move past the issues that brought them to treatment.

The mental health IOP is offered during both daytime and evening hours to accommodate work and school schedules. 
We offer a program of recovery that includes:

An adolescent mental health IOP is also available.

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