Adult Programs Overview

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Adult Mental Health and Addiction TreatmentAlternative Options Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP’s) are designed to support the recovery and well-being of our clients and their families while the client maintains residency in their home.  Day and evening programs are offered to accommodate our client’s work or school schedules.

Alternative Options utilizes evidence-based practices and approaches in our model of recovery.  These include cognitive behavioral therapy and experiential therapies.   We also incorporate other modes of therapy to offer a comprehensive recovery experience.  These include:  art therapy, recreation therapy, psychodrama, solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness based cognitive therapy. 
Clients begin treatment with approximately 12-15 hours per week dedicated to their recovery.  As our clients progress through their recovery, program hours may decrease to a minimum of 9 hours per week.  Treatment components vary from program to program and are covered in more detail on the program specific pages.

All our clients are assigned case managers who work collaboratively with our multi-disciplinary treatment team, the client, and their involved family members to ensure a more seamless process that will effectively address pertinent issues of the client.  An individualized treatment plan is developed that addresses the specific needs of the individual client.  Our dedication to personalized treatment ensures that our client’s treatment program is unique to their specific needs. 

Clients who successfully complete the program are invited and encouraged to continue to attend group sessions for up to a year as a free aftercare measure to support their on-going recovery. We offer adult and adolescent IOP for mental health, chemical dependency, eating disorders, and dual diagnosis.

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